Epiphyte Educational Society

VISII is operated by the Epiphyte Educational Society. The Society was founded in 2020 by a group of parents and professional educators who are passionate about inquiry learning and whose children have benefited from inquiry learning. Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting in October of each year.

Board of Directors, 2022-23

President: Adam van der Linde, CD, BA, BEd, LLB

Vice-President: Carolyn Hissen, BA

Secretary: Deloris Del Rio

Treasurer: Kat Ao

Member-at-Large: Amanda Allan

Member-at-Large: Sarah Gosman

Member-at-Large: Ben Moore

Profiles of Board Members

Adam van der LindeAdam van der Linde CD, currently an Associate at Roper Greyell law firm, taught English, French, Latin, and Social Studies at elite high schools in Nova Scotia and British Columbia. A member of the Canadian military since 2005, Adam has provided legal advice to Canadian Armed Forces in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and B.C.  He has also served as an advisor to Canadian Task Forces serving in the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean, providing counsel on complex international issues. A native of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Adam is fluent in English and French and has managed the review and prosecution of cases in both languages.  In addition to liaising with government departments on behalf of the military, he has advised the Canadian Armed Forces on risk management, workplace investigations and workplace discipline, including both military employment and civilian union employment issues. Currently pursuing a Masters of Law in Dispute Resolution through York University’s Osgoode Hall, Adam also holds Bachelor degrees in Law, Education, and Classical Studies from the University of New Brunswick.

Carolyn Hissen has always been most at home outside of the home.  She paid her way through university being a tree planter, working her way up to the role of foreman.  Having graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in archaeology, she worked for several years in the field, first as a volunteer coordinator at Fort Calgary and then working for a Calgary based consulting firm, assisting in archaeological impact assessment throughout western Canada.  It was not a lifestyle compatible with raising a young family, so Carolyn opted to be a stay-at-home mom to her daughter and two sons.  During this time, she has volunteered at her children’s schools but most significantly as the volunteer library coordinator at her youngest son’s school.  She also discovered beekeeping at this time and currently is the second vice president of the Capital Region Beekeepers Association. She teaches and mentors new beekeepers, and maintains hives all over southern Vancouver Island, including the hives at Government House. Read more about her volunteer work here: https://ltgov.bc.ca/blog/democracy/you-might-bee-perfect-for-volunteering-carolyn-hissen-volunteer-beekeeper-at-government-house/.

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