What’s an Inquiry?

All learners pursue their own inquiries but we will also be doing some inquiries as a group. The idea with group inquiries is two-fold: (1) the guides (the teacher, a parent, or a visiting expert) model the inquiry process by suggesting some questions; and (2) the learners can tackle a bigger inquiry by pooling their resources and/or by each exploring different facets of the inquiry.

Inquiry is …VISII Learner…VISII Teacher…
Based on interest/curiosity or on a former inquiry that led to new questionsCreates or co-creates the kind of question(s) that allow for inquiryHelps learner develop question(s) conducive to inquiry

Past Guided Group Inquiries

Ere-Dwellers Saga Inquiry and MineTest: Information for Parents and Learners

The Middle Ages and the Renaissance Timeline



Bird identification


Student vote

Evolution of Human Species


Past Independent Inquiries

Writing stories

Making books

Mesoamerican culture

Icelandic sagas

Sewing sweat pants

Making a quilt

Embroidering napkins

Making wooden cabinets

Video game design

Unity (a gaming engine)

Human colour perception

Knot theory

Maps as a form of information design


Using Python and open data to create custom maps

Making jewellery box

Building model solar system

Starting an ant colony

Making terraria

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