Inquiry Resources

All learners pursue their own inquiries but we will also be doing some inquiries as a group. The idea with group inquiries is two-fold: (1) the guides (the teacher, a parent, or a visiting expert) model the inquiry process by suggesting some questions; and (2) the learners can tackle a bigger inquiry by pooling their resources and/or by each exploring different facets of the inquiry.

Current Inquiries

The Middle Ages and the Renaissance Timeline

Past Inquiries

Ere-Dwellers Saga Inquiry and MineTest: Information for Parents and Learners

Writing stories

Making books

Mesoamerican culture

Icelandic sagas

Sewing sweat pants

Making a quilt

Embroidering napkins

Making wooden cabinets

Making jewellery box

Building model solar system

Starting an ant colony

Making terraria

Developing a video game