Newsletter, October 31, 2021

Happy Hallowe’en to you all! 

School Inspection

As you know, we had our school inspection last week and the feedback we received was very positive. Our inspector was exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful which made the whole process seem more like a collaboration than an inspection. One item that we know we have to address is that we need to collect more detailed information about parents’ lawful presence in Canada than a public school does. To that end, we sent out a form on Thursday. Thank you to everyone who has already returned the form and supporting documents. If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact

Upcoming Statutory Holiday

The school will be closed on November 11 for Remembrance Day.

Upcoming Pro-D days

We have tried for the most part to follow the same Pro-D days as SD61. However, please be aware, we are not having a Pro-D on November 12. Instead, we will be having a Pro-D on January 24 so that some members of the staff can take part in ERASE training (Expect Respect and A Safe Education). If you want more information on ERASE, check out the government website.

Half-days for parent teacher interviews

In the inquiry model, report cards are different from the ones that many of you have seen in the public school system. VISII looks at your child’s competencies as they develop over the course of the year. The educational team will conduct parent-teacher interviews to walk you through your learner’s progress. To accommodate the time required for these conversations, we will have one half day at the end of each term. The first of these will be on December 1. More information about the parent-teacher interviews will be sent out in a later email.

Family handbook

To help keep all these dates clear, we have published our revised school calendar online as part of our Family Handbook. This new handbook is meant to have all the pertinent information you might need in one place. We would appreciate feedback if there is information that you would like to see included in next year’s edition.

Password-Protected Area of Website for Guardians/Responsible Adults

On the VISII website, you’ll find a password protected area for parents, guardians, and adults with responsibility for a VISII learner. The teachers’ email addresses are posted in this area. We also expect to post some information about inquiries that are taking place at the school. Contact or for the password.


We hope that you have all taken the time to look at the posts that are being made to Seesaw. This online, secure tool offers a visual way for you to track what your learner is doing and to see the interactions and activities taking place in the school.


We would like to remind everyone that the AGM for the Epiphyte Educational Society (EES), the authority that governs VISII, will occur via Zoom on Wednesday, November 10, at 7pm. To get the Zoom link, contact Board Secretary Janelle Jenstad at

Membership in the Society

Anyone may attend the AGM. However, in order to stand for office, to vote on motions, or to vote in elections, you must be a Member in good standing. To apply for membership, fill in the EES Membership Application.  Membership costs $5 per year per person (not household). Send $5 by e-transfer to


All members of the founding board, except Carolyn Hissen, are willing to serve out the second year of their two-year terms. Carolyn is stepping down from her position as Member at Large and seeking election as Vice President. She will continue to function as Communications Officer for the school.

We would like to have at least one Member at Large in addition to Deborah van der Linde. Carolyn’s resignation leaves open a position for one Member at Large. We can have a third Member at Large if there is interest and goodwill. If you would like more information about the Board, please contact any of the board members.

If you are interested in joining the Board, please be aware that the EES is a working board. We meet at least biweekly all year, and weekly in busy months (August, September, October, and June). While much work has already been done to get the school started, we are still in the start-up stage for an independent school. The inspector has given us a list of tasks, plus recommendations for policies that we ought to have in place. We have been given the heads up that in future inspections the government is going to be looking for strategic planning documentation. On the plus side, the current board has been able to work very collaboratively, and, despite the heavy workload involved in a start-up, we have all had a lot of fun.


Nominations will be made at the Board meeting. 

EES Committees

If you don’t want to be on the Board, we are also seeking people who are interested in serving on these committees:

  • Finance Committee
  • HR Committee
  • Emergency Planning Committee

Other Business

In addition to electing board members, we will conduct a few points of business, including but not limited to the following: 

  • Reports
  • Changing the official address of the society to be that of the school.
  • Change the official email address of the society to be

School Needs

The school needs sewing supplies, in particular fabric (cotton is preferred) cotton thread, cotton-polyester blend thread, and yarn (for crocheting and knitting). If you are able to collect from family members, friends, or neighbours, please thank them for us. Supplies may be sent to school with your learner.

— Carolyn Hissen, Communications Officer, VISII

— Janelle Jenstad, Secretary, EES

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