The Week Ahead: September 21-25

September 19, 2020

From Ms. Littledale:

If anyone is able to come in and help support learners during inquiry time this week, it would be much appreciated! Support might look like supervising learners in the makerspace, helping them on the computer or the sewing machines, providing research assistance, or even playing a game with them. Having two adults in the space helps to keep learners from getting stuck or frustrated.

In addition, if anyone has board games they might be willing to lend or donate to the centre, please let us know! We are planning to use Friday afternoons as board or tabletop game time. If it is a loan, please put your name on the game box.

Tuesday afternoon will be field trip time! Jennifer (parent) has kindly offered to take the learners on a wildcrafting field trip that ties in with the changing of the seasons and our ecosystem. Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather and that they have water bottles and snacks. We are leaving from VISII in the afternoon and will be back for 3:30. Drop-off and pick-up are at VISII, as usual. 

From the Board:

Please use the online sign-up sheet (linked from the PW-protected Parents/Guardians page) to commit to a time this week. Thanks Jennifer, Helmut, and Janelle (parents) for signing up already. We still need a parent or guardian at the following times: Tuesday 10:30-11:30, Wednesday 1-3:30, and Thursday 1-3:30. Parent/guardian support would be helpful at these times also: Monday, 1-3:30 and Friday 9:30-11:30. 

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